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Dear Steemy Dan members,
A group of (13) us (People from Stokesby and friends, family) came out to St Georges Friday to see you play. We were to a person most impressed. You are all excellent musicians, the girls harmonise so well (and kept up the dancing throughout, great stamina girls). Had a wonderful evening and hope the Bobsí Mom has a wonderful birthday celebration too.
D. Mark Vradenburg
Dear All, thank you for a great show last night. I had been trying to get the night off from work for 5 weeks to be sure to see you and failed! I had to go and work (helicopter pilot to the rigs) and didnít think I would make it to the gig in time. A combination of bad weather and much wingeing allowed me to do the last flight early and get there! I was not disappointed. Thank goodness for you guys keeping these songs live (and how!). Classy music and a classy band, genuinely a tribute and a pleasure to watch. See you next time I hope.
Thanks for a great night on the 18th July at Gorleston it made our holiday - fantastic sound great band but special mention for the guitar solos I've never seen better- Graham and Melanie - will try to catch you again on our travels thanks a lot.
Graham Cowley, 25 July 19:07
Bob et al, tonight at the Maddermarket was the first time I've seen you guys perform but it won't be the last! You were excellent, thank you very much. I've got quite a few friends who are SD / DF fans so I'll be spreading the work via Twatbook!! Cheers again guys until next time. Oh and btw Yellows!!
Paul Nolan, 6 June 22:51
Just got home from Steemy Dan gig at Ipswich having seen Steely Dan 3 times and loads of tribute Dans this band nailed them dead a truly great night out listening to the music of Steely Dan by Steemy Dan, I will see them again come back to Suffolk soon, Cheers
Wendy Harvey
Dear S D
I had to let you know what an enjoyable evening we had watching and listening to you guys on Friday.
Until a few days before I'd never heard of you nor the Jerwood Dancehouse. Decided I like you both.
I don't remember how I got into The Dan but, at least to my selection of musical influences, they were different ( almost always a good thing!) Competing with Bowie, Bono and Banshees among others.
Anyway, although we missed the first 20 mins or so I have to say the rest was great although of course the classic greatest hits parade in the second half was naturally the highlight.
I suppose there's a limit to how many shows you can do - getting 10 people together for anything let alone a well rehearsed set of classy complex sweet songs must be difficult. But I hope you manage it! I'd love to see you at an outdoor show somewhere local, Suffolk ( not sure where you guys are from of course).
Anyway, until you Do It Again please consider me well impressed and add me to your mailing list.
Steve Card
Thanks for a terrific show tonight. You were amazing.
Jo Hoogakker
Fantastic gig Steemy Dan. You did Ipswich proud
Stephen Marshall
Got to say that seeing Steemy Dan perform last might was a privilege.
They presented a good few hours of intricate music with a passion and their ability
to take on one of the best bands to come out of the 70,s was a pleasure to see and hear!
Shaun Reynolds
Steemy Dan were well worth the long trip from Ipswich.
We were so impressed with the musicianship of all the band members.
I never thought i would see a tribute band do justice to the complex songs of
Fagan/Becker but you guys did on each tightly rehearsed number.
It was fantastic, impressive & fun. Looking forward to seeing you guys at
Ipswich Music festival on 1st July on Radio Suffolk stage.
I can't recommend you guys highly enough to my work colleagues. cheers ..
Ashley /Caroline
A belated thank you for an excellent performance in Hornchurch on 30th April - truly outstanding.
Even my wife enjoyed it and she is not really a Dan fan!
More concerts in Essex, please ...
Thanks again.
Fantastic gig tonight! First time I've seen you play and it certainly won't be the last! Keep the music playing.....
I saw Steemy Dan last night at the Lord Nelson and has got to say watched one of the
finest performances he has ever seen by any band. Absolute Quality!
John William Hughes
Guys and gals,
Thanks for a great gig. The musicianship and the sound eclipsed most 'pro' bands.
I was with the normal gang of grumpy old men, who also happen to be Dan officianados
and we have all seen Steely Dan live.
Even the grumpiest of us was utterly convinced by the end ! Superb.
Hello there,
I had to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the other evening.
We arrived not quite knowing what to expect but were completely blown away.
What a band! The Maddermarket is a lovely little theatre but I believe you are worthy of a bigger stage.
Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next opportunity to see you.
Paul W
Thanks for another Fantastic, Faultless, feel good gig. And hats off to the drummer. Can't wait for next time.
Couldn't hang around to say thanks in person. Got an early start in the morning.
My second viewing of you guys, and yet again a gobsmackingly wonderful evening of Dan.
If you donít mind me saying, you all seemed tighter than the last time (Maddermarket, Norwich)
which in itself was brilliant, but you excelled this time at the Fisher.
Backing vocals were stronger, brass was tighter, in fact you were all great Ė all in all consummate musicians.
Thanks so much. Still spreading the word.
John L, Norwich
Hi there
We came to see you at the Fisher theatre on friday,and all i can say is it was absolutley fantastic.
I never thought i would hear any band pull off steely dan, but my god you were good.
So good to hear Haitian Divorce and the second encore of My Old School was really rocking!
Definitly coming to see you again.
I know for a fact that you as a band shine with talent.
And you were all enjoying it!
A & G
Hi. I saw you in Norwich last night. WOW, what a night. Absolutely spot on.
Every band member played their arses off.
Had a nice chat with lead singer, guitarist & keys player after the gig. (Knopfler fanatic)!!!
Will definately try to see you again.
Thanks for a gr8 night.
Nigel Dignum
Hi, just got home from your brilliant gig tonight...thanx for wonderful evening...the music was spot husband and I thoroughly enjoyed reliving all those tunes from our heyday!! Hope to see you again sometime, very well done to you all.
Best wishes Elaine and Paul Andrews, Norwich.
What a show! What thorough & talented musicians you all are, and what's more, how you all enjoyed performing. Not only that, but what a fantastic acknowledgement to a genre of of music rarely attempted in this country. I came away feeling totally fulfilled as a Dan fan. Brilliant! I will add that when Bob said that the drummer was a 'stand-in', I, and all around were gobsmacked! He's a natural! Hang on to him! Favourite song of the night? Has to be your Pretzel Logic. Amazing! Kate's voice at the end was stunning, it was also my favourite version from the 'Two Against Nature' DVD. Well , thanks again guys and we'll spread the word.
John L .. Norwich
hi, just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the fantastic gig at the maddermarket in Norwich tonight, l loved every minute, my old school as an encore was tremendous. I can't believe it was the drummers first time with the band, he was faultless, superb!! well done to all the band and thanks once again for a great night, looking forward to seeing you again.
Regards Paul.
We really enjoyed your gig as part of the Wymondham Music Fest. What a treat.
A good strong sound and we loved the Blue's - please play more.
I especially love the drums and electric guitar.
Look forward to seeing you all play again sometime.
Sally & Paul
We saw you a couple of weeks ago at Queens Theatre in Hornchurch.
I've been a massive Steely Dan fan since the late 70s but missed their last 3 visits to the UK for various reasons,
so when my wife told me that their tribute band were going to be at Queens I had to be there.
And we weren't disappointed.
We thoroughly enjoyed your concert although we would have loved you to have been able to play for longer.
Only one encore??!!!
I'm not sure if you have a newsletter, but I'd love to hear of any future concerts coming up.
We went to Queens with 4 friends, all of whom had a great time and really enjoyed the show - well done,
and thanks for letting me finally see the nearest thing to Walter and Donald that I'm likely to do without seeing the real thing!
Bob Crowther (and friends).
Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I was totally amazed at the performance on 14th May.
The music was spot on and I could hear all the little rifts and sweetenings that I have come to
know so well after playing my vinyls and CDs of Sreeley Dan for so many years.
My only regret is that I never got to see them live but you more than made up for that.
The brass section and the ladies in particular were amazing.
I'll be coming to see you again.
One criticism - you could've given us another couple of hours ;=)
Regards. Leigh (Hornchurch)
We saw you at the Queens Hornchuch 14/05/2010, Loved every minute,I have loved the Dan's music
since I first heard them in 72 ( I think) when a friend turned me on to cant buy a thrill.
I thought you were just brilliant, cant wait to see you again, If your playing again
this end of the country I shall be there (with anyone I know who loves great music played by a great band),
I cant thank you enough for the smile you put on our faces, best of wishes for the future.
Regards, Chris & Sue, ps I shall keep my eyes on your site for future gigs,
thanks again C
Really enjoyed the show, well worth the journey.
I must say that from start to finish it was just fab.Relived a lot of memories from those magical days.
Didn't want it to end.
You must check out the venues for Cardiff, I am sure you will have a much appreciative audience.
Hope to see the band again pretty soon. Must check out your next gig.
Take care Jen
Went to your gig last night and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.
First time I've seen you perform and you blew me away!!!
The Dan must be one of the hardest tributes to pull off but you did the music proud.
Thanks again for great night.
Let me know if you have any more dates booked here or similar venues.
Great to meet you - enjoyed perusing your website... you guys rock !!!
Elliott Randall
It sure is a tall order to do the Dan well and you guys did !
If you ever need a dep drummer please let me know.
(from Rock School's ( channel 4 ) percussion examiner Daniel Gay)
Steemy Dan errr ROCK (or whatever the term for what they do is!)
What a great night last night well done to the whole band!!!!!
The band sounded amazing.
Ben said it was great to see you with a group and says you deserve big success with this project,
couldn't agree more - look out Lee Vasey! X x x
Steemy Dan - been there, got the T shirt - in fact, wearing the T shirt! Awesome!
Thanks for a fantastic night !
I take my hat off, that was good !
Brill phenomenal !
Fantastic Night, well done to the band - can't believe the place was heavin' a good sign I hope!
Fantastic gig, but when is the next one????
Your gig was superb, my Brother tells me you all have been rehearsing this past year.
Well done, could not fault your dedication or the arrangements.
All the musos top notch

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